Honolulu February Class Schedule

Classes: February 14-17, 2018, Honolulu, HI. Wednesday February 14, 2017 Time: 7a.m.—8:15a.m Location: Magic Island (closest to Magic Island lagoon) Google Maps link Furthest end of the parking lot by the payphone: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Public+Payphone/@21.2868889,-157.8458567,19.67z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xaf0e4a81dc0bd58c!8m2!3d21.2863591!4d-157.8453384 Topic: Morning TaiChi and Qigong at Magic Island Please join us for morning TaiChi and Qigong at Magic Island.  Please wear comfortable […]

Dharma talk series: Vimalakirti Sutra

Beginning September 7, 2017, we will being a new series of dharma talks based on the Vimalakirti Sutra.  Often appreciated for is coverage of a variety of Buddhist ideas and concepts, as well as its profile of the ideal layperson, the Vimalakiriti Sutra is an engaging and thought providing text for Buddhist study. Available here: dBET_Srimala_Vimalakirti_2004_0 […]

Episode 22: Buddha Nature

This week’s topic is, Buddha Nature, in sanskrit: tathāgatagarbha (如来藏). All sentient beings are considered to be in possession of the Buddha Nature, the potential to attain enlightenment. In this episode we discuss a bit about how to understand this concept, and compare it to philosophical ideas of human nature, and its connection with morality. […]

XuanZang, book recommendation

Recently I found a book on the travels and life of Master XuanZang. When I found that it was freely available due to it’s age, I thought I would share it more widely. Hope you enjoy reading it, and that you are inspired to look into Master XuanZang’s life a bit more. Exploring his journey […]

Episode 21: Buddhism; East and West

In this week’s Podcast we look at Buddhism as practiced traditionally in Asia, as compared to forms popular in Western nations.  In our ongoing advocacy for traditional Buddhist practices, we make the case for maintaining the entirety of the Buddhist tradition, rather than selecting a small portion, one specific practice, or removing ideas or concepts […]

Episode 20: “Esoteric” Buddhism

In this episode we discuss “esoteric” Buddhism. There are many misconceptions regarding Shingon as a school of Buddhism, most often discussed in terms of “secrecy”. Often understood to be a completely secret school of practice, or generally withheld from public view. In this episode we discuss this misconception, and attempt to explain Shingon, that as […]

Episode 19: On Faith

Is there a role for faith in Buddhism, and if so what is that role?  How is faith developed?  How did Faith, become the “f” word of Western Buddhism? In this episode we discuss the importance of faith, how it differs in Buddhism from some other traditions, and how it can be a powerful support […]

On Desire

Continuing an annual tradition, I am staffing for a retreat this summer, and the first week of it just came to a close (I wrote this in June). Every Monday is my day off, and during the week, I had been planning it as my perfect day. Desirous thoughts arose—oh how I craved my matcha […]

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