Dharma study Classes

Regular lecture, discussion, and study of Buddhist texts continues at Henjyoji Temple in Portland, and during seminars in Hawaii and around the country.



Buddhist teaching must be experienced to be understood. Whether through meditation at the temple, in nature, or temple work opportunities, the combination of study and practice is essential.


Yoga & qigong Classes

improving and maintaining health is an important part of the spiritual path. Many of the obstacles to meditation, and sources of stress and distraction come from our health and lifestyle. See how you can improve and maintain your balance.

PERSONALIZED understanding


opening the lotus

There are many books and resources on Buddhism. Situating the teaching in your current experience and daily life is the key to understanding. Direct experience with the practice is the benefit we strive to offer everyone.

dedication to authenticity

Our goal is to bring Buddhist teaching and practice from East Asia to the West without losing traditional practices in the process. Rather than remove tradition, it is explained and placed in new contexts.

Experience on Location

Shingon Buddhism has temples along the US West Coast, Hawaii, and Japan. We take groups to Japan, and our sister temples in the US, and Hawaii. Transformative and meaningful travel can shift our perspectives and help us gain a deeper understanding of lineage and practice.