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Kyu-sho-mie-ku ~the Reminiscence of Kobo Daishi~ 旧正御影供

On April 17th ( to be March 21st on the Luna calendar for this year), Kongobuji held an annual service called Kyu-sho-mieku, the memoarial for Kobo Daishi Kukai entrance into eternal meditation. This is considered THE most important service in Koyasan where Kobo Daishi entered his eternal meditation.

For this service, the chief priest of one of the temples on Koyasan attends as the master of the ritual. The priest rides on the palanquin, heading to Mie-do in Garan.  In the beginning of the service, a monk reads the biography of Kobo Daishi Kukai in a ringing voice. During the service, the ceremonies to prepare the offering such as tea and flower arrangement were conducted.

Kyu-sho-mie-ku ~the Reminiscence of Kobo Daishi~




(Repost from 高野山 金剛峯寺 Koyasan Kongobuji.

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