Four Pillars of Learning

Tradition. Innovation. Lineage. Practice.

The Foundation for Shingon Buddhism is led by Rev. Kosho Finch. Headquartered at Henjyoji Temple in Portland Oregon, the Foundation for Shingon Buddhism is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and spreading Shingon Buddhism. Rev. Finch took Tokudo (Initiation) in Shingon Buddhism in 1999. In 2000 he traveled to Japan for the Jukai (Reciept of Precepts on Mt. Koya), and in 2006 he completed Denpo-Kanjo (Final Ordination) on Mt. Koya, Japan. In 2009 Rev. Finch completed the Ichiryu Denju, complete transmission of the teachings.

Since that time he has led meditation groups in Portland Oregon, and served as assistant minister with the Koyasan Shingon Mission of Hawaii. Rev. Finch earned his Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, and his Juris Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law.

Rev. Finch’s goal, and the purpose of the Foundation, is to maintain the lineage and traditional Shingon practice, while finding new and innovative ways to share the teachings (such as through yoga and qigong) with those are who are new to Buddhism, and those who may have practiced their whole lives.

In 2019, Rev. Finch began leading Henjyoji Shingon Buddhist Temple in Portland, Oregon. Henjyoji Temple has been in its current location since 1951. Ensuring the temple continues to offer opportunities for spiritual growth and development into a new millennia.

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