Episode 15: Finding a teacher

This week, in episode 15, we explore finding a teacher. Do you need a teacher?  Do you want a teacher?  What qualities to look for in a teacher.   How should you approach the student/teacher relationship?  Episode 15, released June 15, 2017.  June 15 is also Aoba Matsuri, the celebration of the birthday of Kukai, […]

2017 Aoba Matsuri Parade

Each year on Koyasan, Kukai’s birthday is celebrated with a parade.  Known as Aoba Matsuri, Kukai’s birthday is celebrated around the world at Shingon temples. (Repost from 高野山 金剛峯寺 Koyasan Kongobuji. www.koyasan.or.jp)

Episode 14: A well rounded holistic practice

This week we discuss what elements should be part of a well rounded holistic practice.  Especially important for those who may not have a teacher or formal group near them; what elements should you look for to add to your practice.  Because there are relatively few Shingon temples outside of Japan, and westerners interested in […]

Episode 13: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Episode 13 of True Words Podcast, The Good, Bad, and Ugly of practice… In this episode we explore some of the pitfalls, errors, high points, bright spots, and cautions observed in Buddhist practice….when there isn’t a large established Buddhist community we may more easily go astray when pursing the Buddhist path, but don’t lose hope, […]

Episode 12: What is Mantra?

People often ask what a mantra is, how mantra’s are used, and whether they can be understood, or whether there is value only in repetitive recitation, or specifically in the vibrational quality of sound.  Episode 12 of our Podcast begins the conversation around mantras, with the primary purpose being to debunk some of the common […]

Episode 11: Buddhist traditions across time and culture

True Words Podcast Episode 11.  This week we explore some of the traditions connected with Buddhism across cultures, how those traditions have changed over time and nations, and consider future evolutions especially i western nations. A reminder, the Podcast is now available on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes! http://www.shingonbuddhism.org/truewords/ep11.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]